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Productivity Apps Aren’t Just a Fad

When it comes to business, productivity is high on the priority list, and thus has given birth to productivity apps. When you’re trying to boost your team’s productivity, you may start looking at what software you can implement. Though, it can get tedious to figure out which option is the best when they all seem the same. While many of these products are similar, there are a few key traits you should look for while you’re searching. Here’s what you should be looking for.

Productivity in Software

While this can seem like a boring topic, productivity apps are important to your team, so they can stay on top of daily work and assignments. There are so many options to choose from and many of them are pretty similar. What is really important is that the software you find has all of the tools your team will need. 

Usually productivity software is made up of a spreadsheet program, a word processor, a note-taking software, a presentation software, and a few other useful task tools. Usually, these aren’t too different from another, but there are certain things that do make differences. You get what you pay for and some software programs are stronger than others.

What Should You Look For?

Your budget and your needs is where you should first start when it comes to what productivity apps are best for you. While they all do pretty much the same types of things, you will want to look at the additional tools that are offered. 


If it isn’t reliable, it won’t be worth it. Will it cause security issues? Is it dependable? Are you sure you won’t ever lose any of your work? If they are steady and easy to use, it was probably a good choice, but if you are running into issues often, it will cause loss of time and loss of revenue in the end. 


Interoperability is the ability to use it on multiple different operating systems. This is especially important if your team ever works from home or uses their personal devices, because not everyone on your team has the same type of devices. This also includes mobile devices. Even if you think you’re getting a great deal, if your whole team can’t use your software, it will bite you later. 


This means that if your workers are working from home, they’ll need to be able to access everything from home. Does this software have cloud capabilities? Or, you can find software with remote access tools. Either way, we need to be able to get everyone on the same page. 

Collaboration Features

Now that everyone has access from wherever they are, they will also need to be able to work together. When collaboration features are built in, your team can share files, work together at the same time and stay up to date. There may even be a project manager software that is offered in your productivity suite. 

MyTek’s technicians can help you find the perfect productivity suite for your team. Give us a call today at 623-312-2440 to learn more.

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