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Phoenix Technology Solutions Include the Power of Cloud Computing

Phoenix Technology Solutions Include the Power of Cloud Computing

Phoenix Technology Solutions for Small Businesses

Cloud computing is a major player in the way that Phoenix small businesses are approaching their daily operations. This might bring into question whether or not your small business technology solutions are actually helping or hurting your organization.  This includes asking whether your Phoenix small business is actually using the cloud in the first place, but one thing is certain--if you haven’t implemented the cloud yet, it’s difficult to not do so, especially considering how great it can be for your company.

The cloud provides all manner of benefits to your Phoenix small business, including increasing user productivity and efficiency. Here are some of the reasons the cloud offers true technology solutions:

Asset Virtualization
If your organization uses lots of different hardware and software, you can create virtual environments where they are stored and accessed as needed. This can be anything from a server operating system to a software solution. Basically, you’re storing these assets on someone else’s computer where they can be accessed at a later date from any of your connected devices. It’s definitely a small business technology solution that is far easier and less expensive than installing an application on each of your workstations or purchasing multiple servers for each individual operating system.

Software that is stored in the cloud is much more accessible to your organization’s employees. Basically, you store the application in the cloud so that it can be accessed on just about any device. In most cases, this can be anything ranging from a smartphone to a full-fledged desktop. Some applications like Gmail and Microsoft Office 365 can be accessed on just about any device, allowing for seamless productivity. Hardware virtualization also provides your organization with the opportunity to consolidate your server infrastructure, further enhancing operations.

Data Access and Storage
Secure data storage is crucial for Phoenix small businesses. Cloud data storage is a wonderful small business technology solution as it is one of the other primary functions of cloud computing. Without cloud storage, none of its other functions would be possible. Cloud-based data storage is much more accessible on connected devices, allowing for productive use of data as long as the device has a way to interact with the data itself. The cloud also plays a pivotal role in data backup and disaster recovery.  MyTek Technology Solutions invites you to find out more about the benefits of cloud computing for Phoenix small businesses HERE on our website.

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What’s the best way to take advantage of the cloud for your Phoenix small business? You can find out by calling MyTek at 623-312-2440.

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Friday, November 22, 2019

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