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Phoenix IT Services Solutions for Modern Workspaces

Phoenix IT Services Solutions for Modern Workspaces

The modern worker (or really, the modern person) spends a lot of their time looking at a computer screen. Considering this, it only makes sense that their screens and the items displayed on them are arranged in a way that they like. Our tip covers a few shortcuts to help you arrange and view the items on your workstation a little quicker.  Business software  that reduces frustration and increases productivity part of the Phoenix IT solutions that MyTek offers to businesses interested in harnessing the power of technology to grow.

Business Software Education is one of the valuable Phoenix IT Services Solutions That MyTek Offers

Saving time and staying organized is important in a business environment.  One of the Phoenix IT solutions that MyTek offers to Phoenix area business clients is training to help employees maximize the effectiveness of the software they are using.   Multi-monitor setups are becoming increasingly popular in the workplace.  It helps users stay organized while working on multiple applications at the same time. While windows and applications can be dragged from one screen to another, there is a helpful shortcut that makes it easier for users to  quickly switch back and forth between applications.  With the window you want transferred to your other display selected, press Windows Key + Shift + Left/Right (depending on which way the window needs to go).  This shortcut also allows you to quickly dock an active window to either side of its current monitor, with one easy change: Windows Key + Left/Right.

Screen Zoom In/Out
Sometimes, you want your entire screen to zoom in and zoom out to better show what you are looking at. There are a few ways to accomplish this. You can either zoom in and out by pressing CTRL + (+) and CTRL + (-) respectively, or simply CTRL + Scroll Wheel to zoom in and out freely. When you want to return to the default screen view, you can do so quickly by pressing CTRL + 0. This will reset the screen magnification.

More Quick Phoenix IT Solutions for Windows Settings & Applications

Have you ever found that one setting is driving you nuts, and you want, no, need to change it? A quick way to pull up Windows settings is to press Windows Key + I.

Switching Applications
There are times when a person can hit a real groove as they work, and their productivity really hits a high point. The next time you feel this is happening to you, you can try out a shortcut for switching active applications without even needing to take your hands off the keyboard. Holding Alt + Tab will bring up miniaturized versions of all of your open windows, from where the directional keys can be used to select the window you want to work in next.

Becoming a Windows power user is easier than it sounds, all it takes is practicing the use of these kinds of shortcuts until they’re second nature. Do you have a shortcut that you use all the time? Share it in the comments!

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We genuinely care about helping your business succeed, and we put our money where our mouth is to prove it.   MyTek is so certain that we can help make your business more effective with comprehensive Phoenix  IT  solutions and helpdesk services,  that we offer the opportunity to try our Phoenix IT services  for 30 days at NO COST.  This includes consultation, on-boarding, and servicing for 30 days at no cost.   Unlike other Phoenix business IT companies, our technology services business is built on our clients’ satisfaction, so we don’t require contracts going forward.  We partner with you to make your business better.  Our Phoenix IT services solutions will help your business harness the power of technology to maximize growth. Interested?  E-mail or call us at  / 623-312-2444 to take advantage of our complimentary IT assessment and a 30-day trial of Phoenix IT services solutions that will amaze you!


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Monday, November 18, 2019

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