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Phoenix IT Security Tips to Protect Business Data and Systems

Phoenix IT Security Solutions

No Phoenix business can be successful if it’s constantly suffering from data breaches.  Smart businesses should take measures to mitigate the issues caused by these security threats before they present themselves.  MyTek, a leading Phoenix IT company, offers recommendations below for four of the biggest security issues your business could without a proactive plan to reduce vulnerability.

Phoenix IT Security Trap #1 - Password Pitfalls

Passwords are great tools for managing access to data, but only if they are made properly. If a password is created without knowledge of best practices, it could be figured out with relative ease and used to crack any accounts that the password is used for. It’s not uncommon for employees who don’t know any better to use the same password for multiple accounts.

It is important to train your staff how to create secure passwords, as your company's data and systems security can depend on it.  It can be challenging to make a password easy to remember while also keeping it secure and difficult to guess.   If employees frequently forget passwords, this creates undo work for your Phoenix IT security team.  A passphrase is a great way to keep track of passwords, and they are much more difficult to guess than a singular word. Additionally our Phoenix IT company recommends the best practice of  substituting certain letters for characters and numbers, making the password  even more difficult to crack.  So, instead of using “dorothy” or a random series of letters and numbers, a Wizard of Oz fan might use “&Ur1i++leD0g2” (You Are One Little Dog Too).

Phoenix IT Security Tip #2 - Malicious Mobile Applications

Applications meant for use on your smartphone aren’t always created with the best quality, and that’s saying nothing of their intentions. Even though smartphone app distributors have made attempts to eliminate threatening downloads, it’s impossible to find them all, and they will occasionally make their way onto the platform. These malicious applications pose a considerable risk for your Phoenix business security. 

Leading Phoenix IT companies like MyTek can help determine risks of apps used for your business, and other alternatives if the functionality is needed. Even "safe" apps downloaded from an app store can pose a threat. Some are quite loose with how they treat a user’s data, so it's important to determine what permissions are allowed for each of them. Make sure that any permissions granted to the apps are must haves - don't grant unnecessary permissions.  The fewer the permissions, typically the safer you are.

Phoenix IT Security Tip #3 - Phony Phishing

Cybercriminals will often resort to underhanded tactics and deception to make their way into your Phoenix IT security infrastructure. They might try to manipulate employees into acting a certain way or making decisions that aren’t the best for the business. These methods are called phishing, and it’s one of the big reasons why every organization needs to be cautious with messages from both known (and unknown) senders. These phishing scams vary in scope and scale, ranging from the classic Nigerian Prince example to the countless messages that are sent out every day warning the user that their system has been compromised, insisting that "tech support" must be called - meaning call them.

Proactive staff training from high quality Phoenix IT companies like MyTek can prevent these messages from making trouble for your organization.  Staff should keep a critical eye open when going through email, knowing how to recognize increasingly sophisticated efforts to break into your Phoenix IT security infrastructure. It’s also critical to confirm the identity of the one who sent the message via a secondary means of communication, particularly if the message seems to have come from someone internally. This might seem like a hassle, but it’s well worth the annoyance of dealing with a phishing scam.

Phoenix IT Security Tip #4 - Wi-Fi Worries

Wireless Internet access has given businesses a great deal of freedom in the workplace, providing a way to be productive without sitting in front of a desktop for eight hours or more.  While wi-fi has given businesses more opportunity to get work done, it has also creates opportunities for cybercriminals to access networks and infrastructures if they aren’t properly secured. Some organizations might keep default passwords on routers which makes them prime targets for attacks by hackers. Train staff to change credentials regularly.   Additionally, caution staff in avoiding use of public wi-fi (think Starbucks), as public wi-fi is particularly prone to cybersecurity troubles.  Make sure staff is using a virtual private network for any sending or receiving of business-related data.  Read more about Phoenix IT security issues for business HERE.  A complimentary IT security check-up by expert Phoenix IT companies like Mytek can identify vulnerabilities before damage is done.  Reach out to MyTek to schedule a complimentary IT security check-up HERE.

MyTek, One of the Highest Rated Phoenix IT Companies

To learn more about how you can keep your business secure, make sure you are using an expert.  Out of all Phoenix IT companies, MyTek is one of the most highly rated with a AAA+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, and an aggregate service grade of an A from all of our clients.  For your Phoenix IT security needs, reach out to MyTek,  at 623-312-2444 or e-mail us HERE.

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Monday, August 10, 2020

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