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How Our Team Helps Protect Christmas from Krampus

We know all of the Christmas characters. Santa Claus, Rudolph, the Elves and everyone else at the North Pole, but do you know who Krampus is? Lucky for you, MyTek is Santa’s official managed service provider and we can tell you all about the story of Krampus and how MyTek managed services have helped.

An Introduction to Krampus

While Santa is the very picture of jolly, Krampus is the antithesis of this jolly good happy go lucky feeling. Krampus has it out for the kids on Santa’s naughty list and makes it his mission to whack them in the head with his bundle of sticks… or worse. He’s tall, scary, ugly and mean, with fangs and wings.

Krampus’ Tactics Have Shifted

While the North Pole gang has taken care of him year after year, he’s become a little sneakier this year and has come up with some tricks. Instead of just going after naughty children, he’s coming for Santa’s operations this year. Krampus is the cybercriminal we never saw coming. He uses phishing emails against the elves, calls the North Pole pretending to be parents or even Santa himself, and is trying to infiltrate the system.

This is why MyTek became involved. We’ve been working on helping the North Pole get rid of their Krampus cyber problems. We’ve helped Santa put up firewalls, spam blockers and trained the elves so that when they answer phone calls and open emails, they aren’t giving out important data. We’re also now going to run periodic penetration tests on the North Pole network to make sure there are no weak points. Along with that, we have a verified backup on a separate infrastructure, along with the cloud, so Santa’s list won’t get deleted.

If we can help Santa out, we can help anyone! Does your business need some IT help? Give us a call today to learn more about MyTek managed services what we can do for you at 623-312-2440.

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