MosaicLoader Malware Uses Cracked Software to Steal Your Credentials

While most threats make themselves instantly known on your device as soon as they install themselves, such as ransomware and malware, others don’t. The newest discovered threat, MosiacLoader, is one of these that quietly installs itself in the background of your device and causes issues behind the scenes before you realize it’s even there. 

BitDefender is the cybersecurity company that discovered MosiacLoader, which is a malware that can steal your passwords, mine cryptocurrency, install trojan malware on infected computers, and more. This malware has been found to specifically target Windows operating systems.

This malware is a lot different than other typical versions because of the way it’s disbursed. Most forms are usually passed on through phishing attacks, unpatched software, and other typical malware schemes. Instead, MosiacLoader is spread through advertisements. When searching for cracked versions of software, these ads appear. 

These cracked versions of the software are versions that don’t need licenses. When you purchase software, you get licenses with it that give you permission to use it. Without this license, the software may not operate and lead to major issues. If you don’t want to pay for licenses, that’s where cracked software comes in. But by doing this, you’re opening yourself up to threats. 

Once MosiacLoader is downloaded onto your system, it will begin mining cryptocurrency, stealing passwords, and installing backdoors to allow hackers to remotely access your machine. Then, it seems that MosiacLoader sells these compromised machines to the highest bidders. What needs to happen is that people need to avoid this threat so their scheme does not work.

You have to protect your business. You’ll need to make sure that your employees have everything they need to do their job so they aren’t resorting to downloading free versions of applications that may be cracked. You should also keep up to date on your licenses to keep your software protected. Another main thing you need is a comprehensive security solution that will protect you from harm and be immediately aware if something fishy is going on. MyTek can help you out with that.

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