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How Managed Services Can Benefit the Busiest Place on Earth Right Now

Usually, people spend their holidays with their friends and family. Also, it’s one of the busiest times for businesses. Today, let’s take a moment to understand an individual, Jangle, and see how his learning can benefit both his personal and professional life. 

Jangle was overwhelmed. His work list kept piling up each second. It was just 10:23 a.m, but his tasks were more than what he could do within the deadline. After taking another glass of cocoa, he placed back the mug on the desk and stared back at the computer screen. 

He saw Santa’s Workshop lively, with elves searching the rooms in a rush to get whatever they could lay their hands on, packaged, unpacked, and customized before the Big Man exited the store. Suddenly, Jangle came across 3 email messages; all marked as urgent. Jingle felt exhausted as he opened up the last few mails.


“wrap party cookies.”

“engine troubles of santa sleigh”

Jangle felt a tingling as he shook his hat. All the employees were made aware of this urgent issue, though the matter concerned only the Coal Department, and Jangle was the Toy Assembly Manager. Though he had replied to the emails long back, the discussion had continued for a long time. The discussion centered around whether to serve two percent along with skim milk or whether the menu should consist of chestnut milk. 

Only one out of three messages had a direct connection with Jangle. The Mechanical Department wanted to borrow Jangle and his workers from the Toy Assembly. They wanted to redesign the magic induction of sleigh differently.

 However, Jangle’s team was ready and prepared for the challenge, and most of his elves were working prior to the schedule.


Ginger left her seat and proceeded towards Jangle, “Yes, sir. Is everything all right?”

“How are things going on with the magical engineering department?”

“I had a good experience there, Sir. I was an intern there before I was shifted to the Toy Assembly.”

“That’s good to hear. Follow me; the garage needs more pairs of eyes.”

“Okay, I understand, Sir.”

Ginger and Jangle rode to the garage situated in the North Pole, where the Big Man stored his sleigh and Mrs. Claus had her motorcycle. As they kept walking, Jingle sighed.

Once again, Ginger asked, “Are you fine?”

Jangle Siad, “All fine. There is a lot on my plate. But, somehow, I am in the wrong place. I don’t have to tell you this, however few technologies act as an obstacle.” 

Ginger agreed. “I get it. I don’t know why this morning the workstation was running very slow. Garland helped me fix it..but I am not sure if that helped.”

There loomed a silence between both of them. Ginger broke this awkward silence.

“One of my cousins works in a shoe factory, they don’t have any problem with their IT.”

Jangle stopped. “Hmmm, maybe they invested more than half their revenue into it.”

“That’s a small part of it,” Ginger continued. “They don’t spend too much. They collaborate with a company called MyTek, which is a managed service provider.”

“What is a managed service provider?”

“You know, at present, we independently handle technology issues. If there is an issue, we first try to spot it on our own. Else, we call someone to repair it for us. We operate like this at present.” 

“Yes, that’s the case.”

“However, a managed service provider operates differently. We need not worry about spotting our IT problems; rather, the MSP does it for us and fixes them instantly. My cousin says that the elves have increased their productivity with an MSP.” 

“Also, the MSP has advised them to upgrade their systems and make them more efficient. According to my cousin, the factory has higher security while booting.” 

Jangle was impressed. “The MSP setup looks expensive. What is the cost?”

“Since it is a service,  MSP charges are applied monthly. Since the monthly plan involves a lot of features, it isn’t as bad as you think,” Ginger responded. 

“Let me take it up with the bosses. Name of the company, please?”

“MyTek. They are located in Arizona. However, the majority of their services are remote. If they come to your site to solve a problem, remote operations help you save time and make you more efficient.

“They can aid us to streamline communications, prevent malware and viruses, and ensure systematic processes, too.”

“Wow, Ginger. Before the New Year, I will bring it to the notice of the boss,” Jangle exclaimed as they neared the garage. He swung open the door. “Should we get in?”

“Let’s do it!”

The 2 elves stepped into the garage and went down to business, as elves always do.

Everyone needs help at some point in their life. If you face some IT issues, feel free to call MyTek at  623-312-2440. Start your New Year journey on a bright path.

Happy holidays everyone!

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