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Let’s Talk About Wireless Charging

Imagine you’re working on your phone and it suddenly runs out of charge while at work. You look for a charger in your bag, but you seem to have forgotten it at home. Now, what do you do? You go to the next room and borrow a charger from your friend. But, eventually, come back disappointed. It happens with all of us. How we wish that we had a wireless charger. And, this wireless platform is becoming increasingly popular today.

Managed IT services firm MyTek will give you a sneak peek into the world of wireless charging and its capabilities.

Let’s explore.

How is it Used at Present?

Today, the Qi wireless platform is used for both Android and Apple devices. It is a standard for wireless charging technology. While its convenience factor has made it a highly recommended tool, it has also transitioned from 2.5 W to 15 W.

The applications of the Qi platform include nightstands, workstations, and restaurants. Though the platform is being blamed for the drain of mobile batteries, it will lead to more people using mobile devices. For instance, there is an ongoing development of charging pads for kitchens. These large form factor devices provide power to your kitchen appliances.

How Efficient is it from a Distance?

This type of charging works well over a short distance. But, over a long distance, the efficiency of the charger falls. For example, when the charge from the power source reaches the destination/receiving device, only 10% of power may be retained. This power loss happens in case of a considerable distance between the sending and the receiving device.

Studies on the efficacy of long-distance wireless charging are still going on. Some use case scenarios could be unsafe as well. Qi’s near field efficiency is 75%, while wired charging has 85% efficiency. Compared to these, wireless long-distance charging stands at a meager 10%. 

What do you think about long-distance wireless charging technology? We’d love to know your thoughts.

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