What You Need to Do to Keep Your IT Projects from Failing

Implementing new technology for your business is a process that can feel frustrating, tiresome, and confusing. Especially when you implement something that doesn’t end up being worth it. Today we’re going to look at some of the reasons your IT deployment may not go as planned and how to have an IT implementation plan that works great for your business. 

Lack of Business Alignment

While your managers may be amazing and working with your resources and people, they may lack the technological know-how when it comes to working with new technology that could fix big problems for your team. 

This means that you should always have policies in place to make sure that new and important IT decisions have support and clearance from all management parties before they are done. These projects should always also have status updates and periodic reviews to make sure they are in line with the business objectives and goals.

Cost Control

Because of a shift in budgets, financial commitment, or lack of funding, IT projects can daily due to cost control. IT projects are usually one of the first things to get cut when fundings get low, especially if there is not operational issues that need to be fixed with that IT project.

This is why we recommend you over budget and expect higher costs when you are first looking at the price tags of your IT projects. Once this estimate is put into place, you will need to follow through and proceed as planned. With a higher amount in your budget, you can’t lose money, but you can feel like you are saving it.

Bad Communication

If communication is lacking while you are deploying new technology, your project will definitely not succeed. You need to be communicating efficiently and effectively with management, stakeholders, and anyone else who is involved with this process.

This communication should be a part of your IT implementation plan, so you know when every person should be in contact and about what. Some tools you may want to use are video conferencing tools and instant messaging.

Poor Project Management

You will need to assign someone to be the project manager or management team. Without this key leader, the project can easily fall behind and have no eyes on it. This person or group should be in contact with everyone involved to make sure the deployment process goes smoothly. If you don’t have a project manager to hire, MyTek can help. Our technicians can make sure your IT implementation plan runs smoothly from beginning to end. Give us a call at 623-312-2444 today to learn more.

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