Web Browser Security Is So Important

Even though you may not realize it, the internet browser is one of the most-used applications in today’s world of cloud-hosted resources and online content. Though even though you use it so often, for almost everything you do in the day, is it secure enough? In some ways it is, but in others… it could use your help. Web browser security is more important than you think.

Here are some steps that can be taken to help elevate the privacy settings that already exist within the major internet browsers. 

Optimizing Chrome’s Security

Just as Murphy’s Law might predict, one of the most popular browsers is one of the least secure on the market, at least without the implementation of some customizations. But thankfully, Chrome has an open-source nature that allows you to implement downloadable extensions that can help with security.

Before downloading anything from the Chrome Web Store, always make sure you have the blessing or even the assistance of an IT professional on your team. With their help, you can find the best extensions for security. If you need to remove them later, they can be removed whenever necessary by using the three-dot menu, under More, More Tools and Extensions.

If you head over to the Privacy and Security sections, then click Cookies and Other Site Data, you will find the option to block Third-Party Cookies.

Business owners can enforce all instances of Google Chrome on your network so that they are all following the best security practices. If you need help with this, call MyTek today at 623-312-2444.

Optimizing Firefox’s Security

FireFox is one of the browsers that has security built into it. If you go to Preferences and Privacy & Security, this section will have options for Standard, Strict, and Custom security.

  • Standard: This is the default option that blocks trackers in private browsing, crypto miners and third-party cookies.
  • Strict: This option includes everything included in the Standard option, but also includes blocking of trackers and fingerprints.
  • Custom: This option allows the user to adjust how trackers are blocked.

After adjusting your settings, you can apply them to all of the tabs you have open, by using the Reload All tabs button.

Optimizing Edge’s Security

Edge has a pretty basic security system and offers a few options for users. This includes tracker blocking, and Basic, Balanced, Strict settings. 

  • Basic: Blocks trackers used for crypto mining and fingerprinting.
  • Balanced: This is the default setting, which blocks trackers from unvisited sites and allows the ones that help with speeding up browsing.
  • Strict: This option blocks trackers that can potentially interfere with the functionality of websites.

Optimizing Safari’s Security

Safari, despite some hiccups in its technology, now offers its users a way to identify ad trackers that may exist on specific websites. It also allows its users to read off the list of trackers that have pinged them in the prior 30 days.

Safari allows you to prevent tracking through the Preferences and the Privacy sections in Settings. In this section, make sure that Prevent Cross-site Tracking is turned on, and make sure you delete your cookies manually. Safari also has the capability to block all cookies if you wanted to.

Security is so important, especially within the internet browsers your company uses. MyTek can help you make sure that your business’ security is in top shape and help with web browser security. Call us today at 623-312-2444.

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