Is the VPN My Office Uses a Public VPN?

If you have never heard of virtual private networking, you might be able to figure out what it is by its straightforward name. But you might be surprised that virtual private networks, otherwise known as VPNs have two different types that you may not be aware of. Today we’re going over the two VPN types and how these are alike and different, along with how they should be used by your business.

Let’s look at the two different options!

“VPN” is Used to Describe More Than One Thing

Some of the biggest confusions about VPNs are related to concepts that you may not be as familiar with. The biggest difference is that there are private and there are public VPNs. 

What Does a Public VPN Do?

A public VPN allows users to access an anonymous network that they can use in order to browse. This is the VPN type that is commonly used to avoid geoblocking, or geo-filtering, a.k.a. The blocking of certain types of content based on user location. This is especially used for streaming services, like when someone traveling wants to access the same movies they could on Netflix but can’t wherever they are.

Public VPNs, while helpful, can be prone to many issues. Hypothetically, a public VPN provider can potentially see all of your unencrypted online activity, and they can do so as they please. This also includes private messages. Free VPN services often make all of their money by selling your activity to advertising networks.

What About A Private VPN?

Private VPNs are used to enable an organization’s users to securely access their resources and materials while they work remotely. But the VPN has to be set up properly in order for it to be secure. However, the VPN’s security needs to be unkempt so that your resources are as well.

A private VPN can be a way to protect your data while you are working in public while traveling or on potentially unsecured wireless connections. 

So, Which Of These Options Would You Rather Utilize for Your Business’ Productivity?

Obviously, you need your data and network to stay safe. To do so, you’ll want to utilize a private VPN. MyTek can help you set up one in a secure way.

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