Tip of the Week: How a Hokie Gift Can Revolutionize Your Network

Have you ever accidentally bought something you already had? Most of the time, this is something simple like a pack of batteries or a gallon of milk. But when it comes to your technology, it can be a lot more costly and upsetting to double purchase something. This is why inventory strategy is a lot more important than you might realize and can save you from overspending and double purchasing hardware or software.

Track Your Hardware

All of your hardware should be monitored and written down. This includes servers, server components all the way down to tiny parts like extra mouses. One simple way to keep track of all of your hardware is by getting a label maker. We’re not even joking. Label makers can really help, and some are even able to create QR codes that would aid in this tracking. This QR code can have everything you need to know about the items.

Inventory Management

Next, you’ll want to utilize an inventory management platform (IMS). This is a tool that provides users with a way to track the goods around the business. This will cut down on redundancy and help manage your inventory. Here are some features you will want to include:

  • Barcode scanner – This will help you tag information.
  • Optimization – Overstocking or understocking can be problematic, so make sure you have the correct amount of product.
  • Report generation – This makes it possible to view sale history, manage inventory, and manage sale levels.
  • POS integration – Point of sale systems are beneficial for many reasons and should be incorporated.
  • Purchase order management – You will need a single view of purchasing records in your IMS.
  • Get an IMS that gives you a single view of purchasing records. 

For the average business, some high-end IMS platforms might be overkill. MyTek can help your team pick out the best solutions that will work great for your business in particular. Give us a call today at 623-312-2444 to learn more about inventory strategy.

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