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In Business, What’s the Differences Between Intelligence and Analysis?

While one might contribute to the other, running a smart business and making smart business decisions are different. With new Arizona businesses growing every day, these businesses are looking at their data in order to create better plans and make more thought-out decisions. Today’s blog will be taking a look at what the differences are between business analysis and business intelligence, the role of business technology, and how they all play a major part in contributing to your company’s success in the end.

Arizona Small Business IT Data Storage Needs

In order to understand the two terms, you need to have your data collection platforms ready to go and in place so that you can analyze the data. If your data isn’t stored properly, it can be very difficult to analyze it. Your Arizona small business should have your data stored somewhere it can be read from so you can take more advantage of it. 

Arizona Business Technology Critical to Growth

Business analysis and business intelligence have one huge difference that goes back to the beginning of our language. With business analysis being a verb and business intelligence being a noun, this immediately helps us understand what the difference is. Business analysis is the act of analyzing while business intelligence is the system that does the collecting and analyzing. For your business growth, business technology that supports secure and safe storage of data with the ability to analyze is necessary.

Business is becoming DEPENDENT on technology

Technology, when used for business, provides important valuable intelligence. Built for analyzing the business in its current form, a business intelligence strategy is vital. Business intelligence professionals can analyze the data you have collected to find the answer to your most pressing questions. This information can be used to implement new solutions or to change up the way things are done in order to get better outcomes. Business intelligence provides you information so that data-driven decisions can be made that can drive growth in your business.

Business Analysis

Whether it is production or solution implementation, business analysis enables these changes by finding and resolving gaps in your organization’s management. With the information from your business intelligence, analysis is the action of creating solutions and working out what the data means. Sometimes they can even be used to predict changes in your market or determine the best audience for one service you provide. 

Technology in Business Creates Data-Driven Decisions

Were you aware that 87% of businesses fail to execute their growth strategies each year? With an organizational use of BA and BI, your Arizona business can take advantage of your data so you can hone in on new and developing opportunities. Stay on track with your goals with MyTek’s help. To learn more about the differences between analysis and intelligence, give us a call today at  623-312-2440.

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