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Four Things Your Antivirus Fights

Does your business use an antivirus solution to keep threats away from your network or are you still in search of one? Realistically, many businesses still don’t understand the importance of antivirus solutions. Many businesses seem to think they are protected otherwise or that their data is immune from hackers when in fact, data loss incidents are huge threats that affect so many businesses.

Many businesses believe that they are too small to even be targeted by hackers, but this is a silly reason that could not be farther from the truth. Even the smallest of businesses, along with individuals can be targeted by hacking. This is because they can get access to your credit card numbers, social security numbers, and other personally identifying information that can be sold or used. Any organization that holds this type of information should be worried about security.

Why would you put your business and your data at risk if you don’t have to? Antiviruses should always be implemented so that your organization is a safe as it can be. While this isn’t the only security system you should activate, it is an important one. If threats are living on your system for a long amount of time, the more danger they can bring to your company. Here are a few of the cyber threats that can be eliminated if you use an antivirus.

  • Viruses: There are so many different varieties of viruses, but they will all bring harm to your network whether they are only inconvenient to straight-up threatening.
  • Malware: Malware is malicious software that comes in many different types and varieties. It can be hard to prepare for every single type, but malware is never something you want to let into your systems.
  • Spyware: This is a type of malware that is created to lurk and infiltrate your network to steal your data and information. This can be a huge issue for your business.
  • Trojan: These types of spyware open up the way for future attacks. It is best for your business to prevent them in the first place. 

With more advanced threats, it might be a bit more difficult to remove them from your network. Ransomware can be impossible to remove, so prevention is key. Security systems on your network need to be able to prevent these attacks before they can get in, so you don’t have to try to get rid of them. MyTek offers

 (UTM tools that can do just that, so your data and networks stay safe. To get started, call MyTek today to discuss UTM solutions at 623-312-2440.

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