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Identifying Personality Types will Help Your Networking Efforts

One experience that nearly everyone has been involved in is that of dealing with different personality types. This is only natural, as different people are raised in different ways and come from different backgrounds. However, within the business world, one should do their best to keep personal differences at the back of the mind so they don’t mess with professional relationships.

In Networking Like a Pro by Dr. Ivan Misner and Brian Hilliard, the authors explore the different types of personalities that appear in every workplace. While these behaviors are present to a point in everyone, the book takes a deeper look. How well you network, or generally interact, with someone is predicated on how well each of your behavioral types meshes with the opposite.

Does that mean that there are just a few people that you simply can’t work with successfully? Not exactly.
Misner and Hilliard offer a cheat sheet, of sorts, to explain the way you should interact and cooperate with the four main behavioral types: Go-Getters, Promoters, Examiners, and Nurturers.


There is a particular need for speed when handling a Go-Getter. The Go-Getter wants to ascertain results now, if not sooner, and never have any problem with bending the principles to successfully reach their goals.

In order to effectively communicate with a Go-Getter, they have to ascertain the worth that you simply offer as being relevant to their goals. This type of personality needs to see that you are up to working fast with them and won’t set them back. Go-Getters also will want options, but won’t respond well to a planned-out script in lieu of a pitch. A Go-Getter wants to listen to the highlights, and most significantly, must see that you simply deliver results as promised.


Promoters often spread good ideas based on gut feelings, not based on facts and research. A true people-person, a Promoter will often attend industry events to satisfy new people and socialize. Promoters will not want to argue because they are non-confrontational and they are busy bees, usually working on multiple projects at once.

Match their tempo so you can communicate with them properly. Since a Promoter is usually concerned with their image, you ought to demonstrate how your offer could boost their recognition in their industry. When working with a Promoter, confirm that the tiny details are doable and that you can confirm they are making the correct choices.


An Examiner may be a born skeptic and can do everything they will to gauge the person they’re considering working with. They are very thorough, and can often be a perfectionist. Unsurprisingly, an Examiner is keen on information and may use their knowledge to hold conversations quite well. They also value efficiency, in order that they won’t hesitate to go away or stop working until their goal has been reached.

When networking with an Examiner, concision is vital, as is support for your position. You will want to get straight to the purpose, providing facts and evidence that establish you because the most suitable option for his or her business needs. Small talk should only be used as supplementary evidence of your service quality and dependability. In a way, it’s essential that you simply prove yourself to an Examiner, so confirm you set your best foot forward.


In contrast to the high-velocity approach of a Go-Getter, a Nurturer appreciates a slow-and-steady manner to doing business, and additionally to their patience, are often willing helpers. Highly approachable, a Nurturer surrounds themselves with others who are willing to support each other. They are predisposed to be team players. However, they can tolerate an unpleasant situation overtaking a risk to vary it.

To work with a Nurturer, it’s best to easily be honest as you interact with them. They will need a while to actually trust you, which you’ll encourage by occasionally nudging them toward the conclusion you would like them to return to. Relatedly, it’s important to remain in-tuned with a Nurturer throughout the method, providing evidence of how your solution will help simplify their business and offer them support.

With these strategies, you ought to be ready to network more effectively and form interdependent business relationships.
Which personality type do you think you are while you are working? Let MyTek know in the comments!

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