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Hybrid Work Can Keep Your Workforce Together

After getting a taste of remote work and then returning to the office, there has been an internal war between those who want to go back to normalcy and those who prefer the remote work setting in these unprecedented times. A new survey has even shown that half of employees would rather quit their jobs than be forced to come back to the office by their employer. This is leading more and more employers to the hybrid work environment.

This survey, done by Microsoft, showcases an apparent need for employers to consider hybrid options, instead of switching right back to how things used to be done. This survey was conducted from Oct. 7, 2021, to Oct. 15 2021 and it surveyed 2,046 employees and 504 HR decision-makers in the UK.

If these employees would actually quit is up for debate, but the fact that they answered that way on the survey is still a big sign. As a business owner, you should take these thoughts and concerns into consideration before you force your team to come back full force. Failing your employees may seriously harm you and your business in the long run, so really take time to consider the best option for your team. 

Here are some other statistics that might help with your planning:

  • 36 percent of UK workers that were hired during the pandemic have never even set foot in the office.
  • 42 percent of those surveyed reported that they have had trouble building relationships with their colleagues and team.
  • 33 percent of workers lack direction from their supervisors or managers.
  • 24 percent said that they have had trouble learning new skills and software.
  • 23 percent said they failed to earn the confidence of their coworkers.
  • 21 percent said they were not feeling the company culture through the remote setting.
  • 36 percent of HR managers reported having difficulty while training new employees remotely.
  • 35 percent of HR managers were confident that their employees had access to the appropriate information.

While this might sound complicated, it’s something that business owners must work to adapt to. If this means that you need more help in the technology department, fear not. MyTek can help you, especially if you’re wanting to offer hybrid or remote work options to your employees. Don’t worry about this being a hurdle because MyTek can help with everything you need. Give us a call at 623-312-2444 today to learn about what we can do for your hybrid work environment.

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