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How To Use Links Safely With MyTek’s Help To Keep Your Team Safe

When Is a Link Not a Threat?

Links are simply a part of our digital life. While you navigate the Internet, there are so many ways your use links. Links connect images, videos, web pages, and other places on the internet. These links make up the internet as we know it, but some links come with devastating consequences. MyTek, Arizona’s leading Phoenix IT outsourcing provider, can help educate your team on how to protect your technology and data from harm. Today, we’re talking about how to use links safely, so your data and tech stay safe.

More about Links and Why You Should Consider IT Outsourcing

Links, or hyperlinks, can be observed without even clicking them. Before you click a link, you can hover over it to see where it is going to take you. These on-screen elements can help you figure out if it is safe or not. 

It can be so easy to click on a questionable link, even if it is accidental. It can also be easy to be convinced to download something questionable onto your computer. MyTek can help you train your team to know what links and downloads are safe, and which ones are not. This might even mean that they should keep an eye on the way websites are designed, because often simple websites can be the most nefarious. 

Phoenix IT Outsourcing Services Include Advanced Security Systems

Hacking has become more sophisticated than you probably realize. Links are often sent back and forth by colleagues through email, but this can make identifying bad links harder. Hackers have been known to pretend to be one of your contacts to get you to open up a bad link. You should always hover over a link before you open it, just in case. If you don’t recognize the website, wait until you have confirmed its ok to open with whoever sent it to you. 

With security solutions, you can fight back against these types of threats. MyTek offers a 30-day free trial, so you can test out our solutions and learn how to use links safely. We want your business to stay safe, especially in today’s hacking climate, and can help you do so. Call us today at 623-312-2440 to learn more.

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