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How To Have Faster Internet – A MyTek Guide

Your network connection and browsers should be top-notch and should be reliable, fast and stable. Because of this and because of the importance of a strong connection for your business, we are going to discuss all of the factors that go into the stabilization process. Want to learn how to have faster internet? Read on!

What Impacts My Business Internet Speeds?

Here are just a few of the major things that might be impacted your network connection:

ISP Infrastructure 

It doesn’t matter who your internet service provider (ISP) is, your speed might vary depending on the infrastructure your ISP is managing. As an example, fiber-optic and cable lines are much faster than traditional telephone network connections.


The further away your network centralizer is, the longer it will take your team to transit date from point A to point B.


Naturally, your bandwidth becomes smaller per every user on it. Every device that connects to your connection will slow it down to some extent.

Fixing slow internet can be a difficult issue, but it is definitely possible. Want to figure out how to have faster internet in your office? Give MyTek a call today at 623-312-2440 to learn more about this, and more!

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