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Remote Work Productivity: Three Ways to Improve Collaboration

When a team is split up at their homes working remotely, collaboration can be harder than ever, although it is one of the most important aspects of business. Today, we’re going to discuss three ways to improve your remote work productivity, and how to collaborate remotely.

  1. Establish Standards for Clarity and Concision

Communication can be really important, but it can also be really time consuming. In order to cut out unimportant conversations, creating a golden standard can help. Make sure your team is trained properly in all of the tools they need so they don’t have to ask a ton of questions. Basically, this step is all about making sure your team knows exactly how to operate, so they’re not constantly asking each other for advice or giving you a call. 

  1. Use the Right Tool for the Job

Now that your team knows how to use the tools, you should make sure that you’re using the best tools for the job. This will save your team a lot of time and energy. You might want to use certain methods of communication for specific tasks, like emails for group messaging, and an IM service for private messaging. 

  1. Review What Works and What Doesn’t

Easy-peasy all done. Just kidding. Trial and error is always the best way to make sure everything is running smoothly for your team. Take the time to get feedback from your team to see if everything is actually going well or if you will need to mix something up. 

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