How To Adjust Mouse Sensitivity To Speed Up Your Productivity

If your mouse is moving too slow, your entire experience will feel slow and dragged on. It can be so frustrating to work on a computer that isn’t moving as fast as you are. Luckily, you can adjust some different settings on your computer so the speed and sensitivity of your mouse can be adjusted. If you’re using Windows 10 or 11, here’s how to adjust mouse sensitivity.

Control Panel

Head on over to the Control Panel, which you can find by searching for it in the search bar. Then type “Mouse Speed” in the control panel search bar. This will give you the option to adjust the mouse pointer’s display and speed. You can now adjust these settings to your preference, and you also have the option to hide the pointer by using the CTRL key, or while you are typing.


Now, you can head over to your Settings app. While there, click “Mouse” in the left column. Here, you’ll see an option to adjust speed and can use the slider to change your settings.

Isn’t it crazy how this simple tip can change your entire productivity? Need more help or need more tips like this? Keep reading the MyTek blog.

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