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Help! My Staff Hates My Company’s IT Services!

Have you ever faced resistance from your staff while implementing a change in your it services? Usually, employees are opposed to new IT policies or restrictions. They feel that it takes away their inherent autonomy. 

But, don’t worry! It happens in more organizations than you think!

Your Phoenix IT services provider minimizes the impact of policy changes in your organization. However, new technological developments and security measures require people to change their daily habits. Usually, employees are not aware of the IT security threats (like hackers) or the consequences of unofficial data-sharing routines. Even if your Phoenix IT business calls for password-only policies for non-technical employees, you may feel the need for more changes to revamp your IT infrastructure.

Policy changes are challenging to implement. It becomes more tedious for your employees as most of them may not clearly understand IT network security. IT management lies in making your employees understand the importance of new systems and policies more than the operation of infrastructure facilities. 

Let’s consider the example of passwords:

Imagine your Phoenix IT provider suggesting a new password policy. According to this group password policy, users have to reset their passwords every 30 days, avoid repeating the same password and comply with complex requirements.

Most business owners approve the password change policy and carry on with their tasks. But, when the Phoenix IT services company makes the changes, your employees get the notification for making changes. Some of them make the changes promptly and protect their networks. But, there can be few employees who find the password change task challenging. They may protest and escalate the policy change to the top management. Going ahead, these employees are at greater risk of facing network challenges.

In addition to the password policy, other policies can also create discomfort in an employee.

  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Policy – Employees usually oppose company restrictions on using personal mobile phones. Despite setting up cloud/email accounts, employers are against employees using unsecured devices on the network. (Learn more: Mobile Device Management)
  • Content Filters and Firewalls Most businesses block unproductive sites like social media, YouTube streaming, and sensitive commercial websites. Though the misuse happens due to a few miscreants in a company, the entire workforce pays for it and suffers the consequences. 
  • Implementation of New Technology – Imagine that you put in place a new technology like a business app. The training contents of the latest software are stored on the cloud so that employees can take up the course at their convenient time. But, two-three weeks down the line, you find that only some employees have taken up the course.

The list of employee resistance is endless. Does your new VoIP system use call records and let managers come in to help your employees? Did you install an IP camera system to safeguard company assets? Employees feel that business technology spies on them. For example, not allowing users to install unauthorized software is seen as curbing employee freedom. In contrast, you take security measures to prevent software license issues.

How to Fix the Issue? Are My Employees Opposing Me?

Here’s the good news. Your employees are not working against your business or trying to undermine your IT services. They only have the good intention of doing work in an environment of freedom and creativity. All the stress and frustration occur when they feel their space is taken away.

What exactly do we mean?

Your employees may not understand the importance of Phoenix business IT policies. Many security stats and frequent password changes can be tedious for them to implement initially. That’s why you need to focus more on educating and training your employees on the importance of IT security changes.

By collaborating with a IT security firm like MyTek Network Solutions, you can better educate your employees and make them partners in change. MyTek provides you with simplified information that can be used by all your employees easily. Also, you can come out with a streamlined plan to implement IT changes at your workplace.

Leaders Must Show the Way

Keep all the top-level managers in the loop when you try to implement security policies at the workplace. For example, you can have the perfect elevator pitch to explain the intended changes. When management comes on board, there will be greater accountability concerning the other staff. By collaborating with the right IT services firm, your managers will have access to all the necessary resources at their disposal.

Take a Pragmatic Route to Implement IT Security

Take a pragmatic approach in implementing IT Security at the workplace. You need to keep your staff in the loop but at the same time do not give in to their resistance. Educate and make them understand why IT security is crucial.

Ensure that you conduct regular IT security meetings to enhance the awareness levels of your workers. Even regular staff meetings can be used to impart knowledge. Your team should be trained to change passwords regularly or spot spam emails. With practice, your workers can be the first line of defense against IT breaches.

We realize not all business owners are experts at IT security, and we’re happy to help create an atmosphere of IT security. If you want to implement Phoenix IT services without the pushback, reach out to MyTek Network Solutions by giving a ring at 623-312-2440 and start protecting your system holistically. MyTek also provides solutions to problems like change management to secure your business data. 

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