Google My Business App Changing to Google Business Profile

While it has gone through many name changes, the Google My Business application has helped numerous business owners in managing their online presence. While this is true, Google has one final change that they have planned for this application.

This change is that there will no longer be a Google My Business. Instead, business owners are going to have access to a web-based Google Business Profile starting in 2022.

Google Business Profile is Intended to Simplify Things for Businesses

Instead of a standalone application, Google is introducing a business profile, where all of the tools a business owner needs will be in the right place. To find these tools, all they have to do is type in their business name into the search bar, then all of the tools will be at their fingertips.

Here are some things Google Business Profile will allow business owners to do:

  • To verify your business, Google Search and Google Maps will be usable.
  • Google Search can be used to chat with customers, with read receipts being controlled through Maps and Search.
  • Call history and call forwarding features are being experimented with.
  • Online marketing through Google is simplified, with new tools like local search, budget, and performance planner. 

What Features are You Looking Forward to the Most?

While it might take a while for this rebranding to take off, we wanted to share it with you so you can prepare for the changes. If any other Google rebrands are happening, we’ll be sharing all of the details here, so make sure to check our blog weekly. 

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