If Your Google Drive Links Stop Working, It Might Be Due to an Update

We’ve discussed how important it is to update your software and hardware as quick as you can, but we haven’t discussed how sometimes those updates aren’t perfect. A new update for Google Workspace is a perfect example of this, because Google recently announced that this update causes an issue that affects Google Drive.

What’s Going to Happen with this Google Drive update issue?

If you use Google Workspace often, you’re probably pretty familiar with the link-sharing features that Google Drive offers. This feature allows you to share a document you’re working on through a link with varying permissions so that many people can work on the same document together. Sending a link to share a document is super useful and fast.

This new Google Workspace update is going to affect these links, specifically links that were created before the update.

Basically, Some Links Will Break

Once this update is applied, a resource key will be added to the URLs made when sharing a link. This means that there will be an influx of new access requests for businesses to manage.

Google’s support page says that admins can choose how to apply this update until July 23. Then, after July 26, users will receive notifications alerting them if their files were affected. Users will need to choose how these updates will apply to their files until Sept 13.

Need Assistance?

MyTek is here to help businesses with IT management needs exactly like this. Find out how we can help you with this Google Drive update issue by calling 623-312-2444.

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