Tip of the Week: Use Excel Like a Pro – Graphing

Excel is one of the most used spreadsheet builders in the world, making it very important that your business understands how to use it. Spreadsheets are used for so many different aspects of a business to showcase information. Your team should be using Charts in Excel to get the most out of spreadsheets.

First, Select The Chart
There are many pre-built charts to choose from, some with more complex builds. Depending on what you need, it will be easy to select the correct chart from the options like a pie chart, line chart, and more.

Bar/Column Charts
When you need to show how much data has changed, bar or column charts are the best to use. They can also be used to compare values at specific data points. A column chart can be used to show the revenue earned by individual salespeople on your team, for example.

A bar chart is the horizontal version, while a column chart is vertical. Depending on the data, you’ll want to pick the one that shows off the data in a more understandable way.

Pie Charts
Pie charts are perfect for comparing percentages. Visually, pie charts will help you break your data down into pieces.

Line Charts
Data changes often and line charts are perfect to show off the changes. Each point will be connected with a line and will show the ups and downs of your data.

Building the Charts
You can create your own charts with Excel’s simple to use chart building tool. Once your data is organized in the spreadsheet, it will be put right into the chart for you with no extra work. You can even see how your data would look throughout the different chart types, and you can compare them. You can customize your charts through Chart Elements, Chart Styles and Chart Filters. Excel charts are super easy and effective in breaking up your spreadsheets and making them more readable.

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