Tip of the Week: Using Microsoft Word to Edit a PDF Document

If you need to edit a PDF, Microsoft Word can now do that. If Adobe Acrobat is not for you, you can use Microsoft Word to edit PDFs that otherwise are hard to change.

Editing a PDF in Microsoft Word

First, you will need to open up your PDF in Microsoft Word by selecting Open Other Document from the left menu. In the Open menu, click on the Browse option. A message will then appear and will inform you that Word is going to convert your PDF into an editable Word document, so you should click OK.

When the PDF opens up in Word, you will have to disable the protected view. This protected view usually appear so Word can be sure that the document you open doesn’t house any malware or is infected with any other threats. If this document can be trusted, you can Enable Editing so you can begin making changes to your PDF.

Once you enable the editing, you will get another notification letting you know that the PDF will be changed into a Word document, click the checkbox or click on the OK option to close this message and move along. You will now be able to edit your PDF.

After making the edits you intended to make on the document, you will want to convert it back into a PDF file. This can be done by going to the Save As option in the top left, and selecting the file type to be a PDF via the dropdown menu options. You can rename the document so that you know this is the edited version.

Once this has been completed, the edited PDF should open up the same way it did before, just as an edited version. Are there any other capability questions you have for us? Read our blog or comment below!

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