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Data Backup Services and Keeping Your Business Secure


Data Backup Services from MyTek

Data backup services are vital to keep your business afloat, even when the most important files are lost. Sometimes, digital information can be lost, and this is when a backup service can save the day. It’s safe to say that most companies are turning to digital file keeping rather than housing huge file cabinets filled with papers. It’s easier to find what you’re looking for and to collaborate with a team within these files. Companies are no longer fire proofing their important data and instead investing in ways to keep it secure, even while it is in the cloud. With MyTek’s help, these pricey and outdated solutions aren’t necessary.

Not only is it much cheaper, storing your critical files on a computer network gives your entire team access to the files they need and simplifies your system. The main issue that comes along with this is relying on a single backup. Investing in data backup services is a smart alternative and MyTek can help small to midsized business in Phoenix with it.

Businesses are easily unfixable when important files are lost because of technology failure, unforeseen natural disasters, or from other data losing incidents. It has been estimated that about 70% of companies that suffer from a loss, can’t come back from it, and are forced to close. A data backup solution can prevent this from happening, such as our Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) system.

MyTek’s Solution To Backup

The BDR system uses hard drives to backup and duplicate your company’s digital data. This is good because having your data in a different location than your workplace makes it immune to physical disasters. Even if they are wiped out of your primary location, the BDR system ensures that your files will still be guarded. All it takes to restore your files is a simple procedure amd downtime is avoided because you don’t have to wait hours or days to restore it.

Making sure your data is safe is vital to the future of your business and we strongly recommend having a secure backup solution that is accessible from any location. If you’re in need of a backup solution, contact MyTek today. Our Backup and Disaster Recovery solution is affordable with a monthly flat-rate.

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