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Data Recovery Systems Can Save Your Business

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Solid Data Recovery Strategies Can Get You Through Tough SituationsData recovery can be the one thing that saves your business. Data backup is important because when things go wrong and accidents happen – you’re data is protected. But, it isn’t enough to just have a backup version of your data, you must also have a recovery strategy. We’re going to take a look at data recovery strategies that will help your business survive, even in worst-case scenarios.


What is considered a disaster?

 Disasters happen all of the time and aren’t always necessarily floods or fires. A “disaster” could be someone accidentally deleting a file, or a full-network ransomware attack. There are so many ways your data can be lost and if your business isn’t prepared, it can be a major issue that could lead to the end of your business. Let’s discuss some of the considerations you will want to think about while strategizing a data recovery platform and how it will impact your business.

Small and medium-sized businesses impacted by loss

When it comes to losing data, Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are usually impacted much more than larger businesses by data loss. While large businesses usually have the income to invest in continuity platforms, SMBs often need to retrieve their data as soon as possible in order to keep business running smoothly. It has been estimated that 60 percent of SMBs that have a large data loss have to close their business within six months. This statistic shows how important it is to have a strong strategy.

Here are a few tips to create your strategy:

Using the 3-2-1 rule

The 3-2-1 rule focuses on keeping three copies of a company’s data. Two of these copies are kept within the workplace and one is stored offsite and away from the work space. Often, the third copy is stored online in a cloud storage system. MyTek offers a Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) system that can help your company do just this.

Speed and Timeliness

Having a system in place is great but it must be a timely system in which you can retrieve your data back quickly. Lost time will defeat the purpose of having a system for these situations. Our BDR is made to be fast and to make sure there is limited time loss when you are retrieving your backed-up files.

Making sure your backups are tested

The best ways to make sure your backups are still working is to test them consistently. Having a system with not-working backups also won’t do you any harm and your system would be useless. Make sure that your backups are still active and working before you need them by checking them often.

Let MyTek Help

With your entire business depending on the backup of your data, make sure you’re working with a company like MyTek who you trust. Our technicians are trained to help you create a recovery system that will work perfectly for your business. For more information, please call 623-312-2440.





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