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Tip of the Week: Hey Cortana! Don’t Listen to Them, You’re my Virtual Assistant

Windows 10’s built in virtual assistant, Cortana, is a super useful tool to use your voice to command actions. However, it can be frustrating when your Cortana is listening even when you don’t want her to, such as when someone else calls for their own virtual assistant and yours is alerted. Did you know you can make it only listens and responds to your voice? Here is how!

First, open Cortana’s Settings. This can be done by clicking the Cortana Icon on your computer’s taskbar. Then, click the gear icon to reach the settings page.

You’’ want to make sure that the “Let Cortana Respond To ‘Hey Cortana’” option is toggled on and then you can select “Learn how I say ‘Hey Cortana.””

This option will then ask you to say six different phrases that will help the assistant listen to your dictation and learn the exact ways you call for her, opposed to others in your office.

Once you’ve completed this part, you’ll want to return to the settings page and click the “Try to respond only to me” option.

This should greatly improve the way your virtual assistant responds to you and will help her ignore other people around you who may be saying similar phrases to their own computers.

If you need any help with your Windows 10 software or with any virtual assistant, give MyTek a call today at 623-312-2440.

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