Your Server, In the Cloud

Cloud computing offers many benefits that many businesses have yet to tap into just yet. With MyTek’s cloud hosted server solutions, small and midsize businesses alike can integrate the cloud into their company and see the benefits right away.

MyTek cares about the efficiency of your business and will benefit your company greatly with our server hosting solutions. Some benefits may be:

  • More space in your office
  • Professional support
  • Less hardware to maintain
  • Considerable reduction in utility costs
  • Reduction in overhead

Minimize downtime and optimize stability and reliability by choosing MyTek to host your infrastructure. We our trained to backup your data, integrate antivirus and security protections and overall keep your systems safe.

Save Your Time and Money With Our Hosted It Solutions

Purchasing expensive hardware isn’t the only option

We will set new IT standards within your business by providing you with reliable access to your servers. You won’t have to worry about the upkeep and maintenance either, because our technicians can take care of everything for you. MyTek has an extremely flexible cloud hosted server environment that will promote productivity within your team.

Computing Remotely On The Cloud

Mobility and remote access given to your data, files and accessories

Mobility and remote access given to your data, files and accessories
Not only will it save you money, but the cloud makes it possible for your team to work on projects from anywhere. Especially right now with working from home becoming the norm in some businesses, it is integral that your team has the remote access they need.

From anywhere at anytime, your team can access Outlook, Exchange, Microsoft Office productivity suite, and any other software that your team actively uses like customer relationship management programs.

MyTek can host your infrastructure, so you don’t have to

Your Business’ Entire Infrastructure Hosted with MyTek

MyTek offers a variety of options for you to choose from when it comes to IT infrastructure to the cloud. We also offer data storage and virtualization solutions as well. You can move your company forward with MyTek managed hosted IT solutions and you won’t need to worry about hardware and software updates anymore.

If you’re interested in learning more, please reach out to MyTek by calling 623-312-2440.

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Our goal is to reinvent the managed IT experience for growing Arizona businesses through a partnership with no long-term commitments, technology options that are flexible to meet your needs and infrastructure and strategy that position your technology as a competitive advantage.

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