What Do You Need Onsite Computing For?

For the past few years, cloud computing has been a major topic in the IT world. While this began with skepticism about the cloud, it’s now moved over to more of a mainstream business technology and is used to boost security. Personally, we think the cloud computing benefits are endless and include convenience, flexibility and affordability.

Why the Cloud is So Valuable

You might have already made the jump to cloud-based solutions for your business, or at least for some of them. This might be because of the giant costs that come with renewing physical infrastructure, or because of the ease, it brings to remote work. One of the major benefits of cloud computing is that the giant price tags that come with infrastructure are instead whittled down into a small monthly payment or per-GB offering. 

You can also get any type of computing resource in the cloud, so you can customize your business with ease. You can also scale solutions down to only what you need, so you’re not paying for solutions and programs that you will never touch or use. While this solution is generally recommended, there is some times when it will make more sense to have in-house solutions instead.

When It Makes Sense to Stay In-House

If your business has been around a while, it’s not unlikely that you already have onsite computing. One major issue that you might come across with cloud computing is to the possibility of downtime. While it is not common, the cloud can crash and cause your business downtime which can affect your business’ daily success. Another concern might be security. If you have onsite computing, you can control your network traffic, your control access, and more, which is usually not as possible on cloud solutions. 

Whatever type of computing you use, MyTek can help set up your business for success. To learn more about the cloud computing benefits, give us a call at 623-312-2440.

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