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Arizona Hosted VoIP Solution From MyTek

VoIP, otherwise known as Voice over Internet Protocol, is one of the newest and biggest terms arising in the telecommunication world. Some small businesses have begun adopting this technology while others are slower to do so. Today, we’ll be discussing the savings that come with VoIP use and why you might be interested in replacing your existing communication infrastructure with an Arizona-hosted VoIP solution.

Harbor Networks put together a guide that illustrates the savings that small businesses often see when they switch to a hosted VoIP solutions.

The numbers below are from a guide put together by Harbor Networks, and they illustrate just how much the average small business can save by switching to a hosted VoIP solution. 

The Capital Savings Are No Joke

Starting with the costs associated with VoIP compared to traditional telecommunication solutions, the immediate savings are huge. According to Telzio, businesses can save up to 50% on monthly costs when they switch. This 50% doesn’t even include additional savings, like the maintenance that are usually needed for standard telecommunication systems. In comparison, the startup costs of VoIP are almost nonexistent, and a business can cut up to 30% of costs for teleconferencing. 

Enhanced Productivity Leads to Additional Cost Savings

In our day and age, remote work is almost necessary sometimes. Many businesses have introduced remote working into their business structure in at least small ways. This made it so many businesses were adopting VoIP and it was found that this not only saved them money but also increased productivity. There was a 20% rise in productivity while using VoIP and averaged out to 40 extra minutes of work per day. 

Hosting Alleviates the Challenges of VoIP

If VoIP sounds like it might be a challenge for you, having a hosted version will save your business the headache. This also means that your business won’t be responsible for managing and maintaining it. Many small businesses already don’t have a ton of help when it comes to IT, so a hosted VoIp service is a great option for them.

MyTek can help you set up your Arizona VoIP hosted solution, so your business can take advantage of all of the amazing benefits, but won’t have to take the time and money to manage it yourself. Your business should stay focused, and we can handle the rest. Call us today at 623-312-2444.

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