Tip of the Week: Altering Your Android Device’s Power Settings

A battery in a smartphone will begin to degrade as a phone gets older. We once were able to replace the batteries in our phones, but recently, smartphone companies have stopped including replaceable batteries. For Android users, there are options of how to manipulate the way the power is being used on the phone. Today, we’re going to look at Android OS power settings and how they work, especially how they can be used to keep your phone alive longer.

**Keep in mind that we are talking about new devices with Android 10 OS and not older devices that can’t be updated to this level

Basic Power Settings

Some of the settings are pretty basic and can be managed on the regular notification menu. First, swipe down from the top and expose your settings tray. Here, you can find the brightness adjustment slider which can adjust the display on your device and how much power your phone is using. You can use the auto setting to manage the screen’s brightness and will find a perfect middle-ground for you as you go about your day. Also on the settings tray is the battery saver option. You can use the extended or maximum option which will:

  • Disable your location services when the device’s screen is off
  • Prevent your apps from working in the background
  • Turn off the voice recognition for Google Assistant

You can also set this setting to come on automatically when you’re at a specific percentage. Here’s how:

  • Open settings
  • Click on Battery, then Battery Saver
  • Click Set a schedule, then Based on your routine
  • Then, click Based on percentage in the “Set a schedule” menu.

More Advanced Battery-Saving Options

These are just a few simple options you can use to save your battery’s life, but there are also more advanced options like using the Adaptive Battery setting. The Adaptive Battery setting can monitor your usage and can present you with options on how to maximize your battery life while you still making your device user-friendly.

To turn this on, go to Settings, then Battery, then Adaptive Battery and make sure it is toggled on.

Android OS power settings can really help your phone’s battery life, and MyTek can help you and your devices even further, so give us a call at 623-312-2440.

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