5 Tips for Saving Money on your IT

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Cutting too many corners can lead to huge problems, even though saving a little on technology can go a long way. Today, we’re going to discuss five technology tips to cut costs without creating issues later down the line.

Replace When You Need To

If you have an older PC that is giving you issues, it might be time to replace it. Older technology is usually costly to run, and after a short time, it’s cheaper to easily buy a replacement desktop than it is to continue pouring money into something that always seems broken. It’s an excellent time to shop for workstations, and if things are tight you can even buy refurbished desktops to keep costs low.

Enforce Energy Efficiency

If you reduce the quantity of energy your technology uses every day, your utility bill from the electrical company will decrease also. Switching to LCD monitors instead of using old CRT products, and enforcing company-wide policies to turn off monitors or put workstations to sleep at night can make a big difference.

Stop Dealing with Vendors

You hired your employees to deal with the tasks they should be working on, not to sit on the phone with a PC manufacturer because your disk drive crashed. Businesses waste money by paying employees to talk in circles with vendor tech support all the time. IT firms like MyTek builds relationships with vendors and is ready to get things done faster. This means issues get resolved quickly and your employees can focus on what they need to instead of less-than-helpful support.

Stop Paying your Phone Bill

Yes, you heard us right. Switch over to a VoIP solution instead of paying a phone company. By using this method, your business can save up to 80% on your telephone communications. VoIP systems allow your users to and use their phones for work anywhere, supplying you with increased flexibility and functionality.

Get Proactive Monitoring and Maintenance

Nearly all day-to-day IT issues are often completely prevented with just a touch of maintenance. MyTek offers these services to our clients, reducing the quantity of downtime they experience. Traditional computer support only fix computer issues once after they arise. Call MyTek today to learn more about our monitoring and maintenance solutions.



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