4 Skills Needed for IT Project Management Success

Your workplace might be introducing an IT project manager role to your team. When looking for the perfect candidate, you will need specific requirements so that person can take over the role and work on the projects you need done. Here are a few traits you should be looking for while looking for the IT project manager candidate.

Be Aware of Return on Investment

When your business implements technology, you should always be aware of the return on investment. If you can’t identify what it is, you probably should reconsider implementing it at all. A perfect IT manager will know exactly how to identify what projects will have a good ROI, and this is something you’ll want to ask them about during the interview process. You may want to ask them about how they determine ROI and how they will bring that to your team. 

Identify Potential Issues

You should definitely figure out if your candidate can respond well to potential roadblocks that can, and likely will come up during their time of employment. Responding to issues takes extensive knowledge of how IT systems work, which your IT manager will need. They should know about network components, cloud-based applications, software solutions, hardware, and much more. When you’re discussing these issues, see what they have to offer and how much they know about systems, along with ways to approach them.

Have Patience with Non-Technical Workers

While you want them to have extensive knowledge of IT systems, don’t expect them to be a dictionary of IT jargon. While they should have a good understanding, they should also know how to talk to team members who aren’t on their same technological skill level. Project managers need to talk to everyone and should be the bridge that keeps the entire team together. This is especially important if issues do arise because everything will need to be on the same page, whether they know specific tech terms or not.

Make Tough Calls

Your IT project manager will have to be the person to make tough calls, and they should know that working with technology is not always a walk in the park. They will have to make some decisions that nobody likes to do, whether it is limiting social media use for employees or applying content filters to computers. When you’re looking for the perfect candidate, they’ll need to be able to be tough enough to handle hard situations with grace, so they are doing what is best for the organization while still keeping a straight face and being objective. 

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