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MyTek Provides 3 Things You Can Do to Hold More Effective Meetings

Have you ever felt that your business meetings were a waste of time? Employees randomly put forth their ideas, there is no set schedule, you do not have a deadline to complete tasks, and you end up wasting your time. How can we make effective meetings a regular thing?

MyTek gives you crucial insights to finetune your meetings. Let’s begin!

Have a Defined Agenda

Planned meetings give better outputs in comparison to unplanned meetings. Next time, have a definite plan for your meetings. It can include details like:

  • Major items of discussion
  • Number of speakers
  • Time for each speaker to put forth their views
  • Voting on action items
  • Responsibility allocation and deadline setting
  • Have a definite starting and ending times for the meeting

When you have clearly listed down your action items in the agenda, it’s easy for you to stay on track. The meeting can turn out to be more structured and productive.

Use the Power of Technology

These days advanced communication tools help you conduct meetings sitting in any corner of the world. For example, if you have remote employees, call them on a meeting via Zoom or Google Meet.

Further, you can enhance the quality of the meetings by using visual aids like Powerpoint slides. In this way, you can better convey the messages to your team members.

Setup Open Forums 

Employees love it when their opinions are valued and cared for. Make sure that at the end of the meetings, you take feedback from your employees. It can include: what went well, what can be improved upon, and innovative ideas to improve the workplace.

If you are looking for more ways to hold effective meetings, MyTek can help you out.

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