Using IT Assessments for Strategic IT Planning

The latest MYTEK whitepaper titled “Using IT Assessments for Strategic IT Planning.”
In an age of mobility, digital disruption and everything-as-a-service, businesses must use every available resource to stay one step ahead of obsolescence and ineffectiveness. The new MYTEK Whitepaper shows SMBs and enterprises why IT assessments play a vital role in effective strategic IT planning that positions them for growth and innovation.

In this whitepaper, businesses learn that the goal of IT assessments for strategic IT planning is to acquire the data and metrics that ensure that the eventual plan will be anticipatory and forward thinking rather than reactionary.

In order to have this effect, strategic IT planning must be built on an IT assessment that provides a highly granular view of all aspects of not only IT infrastructure, but the ways in which it is integrated with business functions, culture, and long-term growth strategies.

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MYTEK Whitepaper Using IT Assessments for Strategic IT Planning
The MYTEK Whitepaper on IT assessments shows how including business process assessments reveal:
  • The level of compatibility between IT and core business goals.
  • Process pain points.
  • Business growth projections/plans.
  • Staffing in terms of process workload and time-versus-productivity metrics and what that means for IT and overall business functionality.
Businesses will see how IT assessments should include:
  • Hardware
  • Operating Systems
  • Network
  • Servers
  • Applications: Application portfolio assessment
  • Client Devices
  • Legacy Systems Lifecycle Assessment
The MYTEK whitepaper explains the importance of:
  • Security, business continuity, and disaster recovery assessments as part of a comprehensive IT assessment for creating effective strategic IT planning.
  • IT health check for pending/ongoing project and associated IT financial assessments as part of a comprehensive IT assessment.
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By partnering with MYTEK businesses get skilled IT consultants and experienced business process consultants capable of working with both IT and business stakeholders to develop a unified approach to IT strategic planning.

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