Without Managed IT Services – Backup, Disaster Recovery, and Business Continuity – Your Business Is At Risk!

New infographic shows the devastating effects of downtime

Organizations of all types and sizes require 100% availability of their IT operations. They depend on immediate communications and round-the-clock access to data, applications and services to succeed. But, can their existing IT resources minimize the risk of costly downtime?


To help you understand the crippling effects downtime can have on your organization, we’ve created a new infographic that highlights important findings from industry studies. Titled “Without Managed IT Services – Backup, Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity – Your Business Is at Risk,” this new resource covers topics including:

  • Whether your in-house staff alone can handle all of your IT requirements
  • The staggering amount of revenue lost to downtime every year
  • The percentage of mission-critical services affected by downtime
  • The organizational departments most often plagued by downtime
  • The true cost of downtime

Is it possible for you to get peace of mind when it comes to minimizing downtime? Unfortunately, no IT solution can guarantee 100% availability. But it is possible to partner with a knowledgeable IT solutions company that can provide you with valuable expertise, 24/7 support, and a solid plan to get you up and running quickly should an event occur. And that can go a long way to creating an always-up IT environment.

Mytek Network Solutions provides IT consulting services for outsourced technology projects. Through our Managed IT Services, we deliver and manage network-based services, applications and equipment to enterprise-level businesses. In addition to Managed IT Services, we offer a broad range of solutions in IT Network Services, IT Account Services, Data and Development Services and Telephony Services. Using a customized approach, Mytek designs the best solutions to fit each business situation.

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Learn how your company can better protect itself from the devastating effects of outages – Download the Mytek infographic today!