IT Assessments & Strategic IT Planning


Technology Assessments

MYTEK’s assessment and needs evaluation services provide a foundation for IT project and program planning. A proper assessment establishes a clear baseline, identifies current resources and gaps, and defines priority areas for effective technical and institutional improvements. Our approach includes the definition of IT application and data needs that respond to the organization’s business requirements. The Needs assessment is the basis for technical and organizational design and development. Through our examination of the organizational environment and technical infrastructure, MYTEK will deliver a comprehensive picture of current resources and requirements. We engage management, technical staff, and users to build understanding and a unified consensus about IT initiatives. We identify policies and practices needed to support these initiatives and prepare clear budgets and funding strategies. Contact us anytime to schedule your free assessment.

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Strategic IT Planning

Regardless of your specific business type, you share a common goal with every other business person in the world—to be financially successful. While there are many ways to do this, it all starts with strategic IT planning. MYTEK can help you maximize your business’ investment in IT with a customized strategic IT plan that will address your current and future needs. MYTEK can help your business create a well-crafted plan that will address the following:

Collaboration – While all businesses use IT to communicate and collaborate, each business does it a little differently. MYTEK will examine how your company currently does it and give recommendations that will make it easier to collaborate and communicate internally, with clients, and partners.

Connectivity – You need to have the right type of connectivity in and out of the office to support your company’s business efforts. MYTEK can help you assess your current and future connectivity needs, by ensuring that you have the connectivity speeds you need to get the job done whether you are at a desk or on a mobile device.

Remote access functionality – Any time you are out of office and want access to company data, you need to have remote access capabilities. MYTEK can help you analyze and choose the best remote access solution to meet your current and future needs.

Line of business applications – Because your company depends on certain business applications to take care of daily business tasks, your software applications need to be kept up-to-date and under warranty. MYTEK can help you select the best applications for your business and ensure that the manufacturers will support them in upcoming years.

Data Capacity – Since your company constantly generates data you need to ensure that there is enough space on your laptops, workstations, and servers to store it. MYTEK can help you assess your current and projected data storage needs and suggest the best IT solutions for your company’s needs.

Data backup – The data your company creates needs to be backed up somewhere besides a local workstation, laptop, or server. MYTEK can help you decide how often your data needs to be backed up and recommend the best solutions to meet your current and future business needs.

Layered security protections – Your business IT systems need to be protected from internet attack, viruses, hacking, and internal security breaches; if your company is governed by regulations or legal requirements, it is even more important that you have a multilayered security plan in place. MYTEK can help you choose the best way to protect your IT systems now and in the future, that’s why we are recognized as one of the best IT security companies serving Phoenix.

Infrastructure – The most basic part of your business’ strategic IT plan is having the right IT systems in place to make it all happen. MYTEK can help you determine your current and future IT system’s needs, ensure that all of your critical systems are up-to-date on warranties, and that your specific hard drive redundancy needs are met. MYTEK will also make sure that your IT systems are correctly configured to ensure that you have maximum uptime.

Gap Analysis

Gap Analysis reports is the action of reviewing the present state and quantifying that against the plans for the future. It is the foundation to create the action plans. The action plans are smaller projects and initiatives that MYTEK will help you design and implement to move your towards the ideal goals, measuring along the way.

Depending on the complexity of the elements involved, the steps in a gap analysis can vary in number. The most common overarching steps are:

  • Identifying the ideal state the company would like to find itself in
  • Identify the current state of the company, including roadblocks and bottlenecks in process flows
  • Create the plan or plans of action for the various facets of the findings, prioritize and execute.
  • Revisit and measure the plan objectives throughout the overall analysis. This is key in measuring the
    success of the plan and making necessary adjustments as your business grows and becomes more efficient.


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