Linking Text Across Microsoft Word Documents

Tip of the Week: Linking Text Across Microsoft Word Documents

Linking Text Across Microsoft Word Documents: Microsoft Word has a lot of time-and-effort-saving capabilities baked in. For instance, did you know that you can paste the same text—down to the formatting—across numerous documents? This makes it simple to replicate text without having to fix it each time, and to make changes everywhere the text appears […]

Phoenix IT Tip of the Week: Getting More Mileage Out of PDFs

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PDFs–Portable Document Format files–are a common enough thing to see. However, many people may not realize the extent of what can be done with them… like editing them. For our Phoenix IT tip this week, we’ll go over a few of the ways you can create and edit a PDF file. Creating a PDF Document […]

Tip of the Week: 5 Ways to Make Using Word Better

One of the most well-known suits of software, Microsoft Office, leads the business industry, especially with its very popular Microsoft Word. While we all know what Word is and how to use it, do we really know all of its capabilities? Today, we’re going to take a look at some Microsoft Word tips and tricks, […]


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