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Accounting Firm IT Support


MyTek helps accountants efficiently inspect financial accounts with the most reliable technology solutions.

Bookkeeping requires precision and reliable technology to assist in meticulous calculations and documentation. Accountants usually work independently but carry an enormous responsibility for their clients. Any tool to assist in the analysis, collection, record keeping, and delivery of organization’s finances is an advantage. While the profession doesn’t entire depend on technology to deliver results, the right solutions can drastically streamline processes and improve organization.

At first glance, accounting professionals and administrative workers share many of the same technology solutions. Managing your company’s finances uses several tools like cloud computing, security devices, and productivity suites that safeguard from lurking data breaches. MyTek provides a full suite of accounting firm IT support solutions to prevent information leaks and boost productivity.

Administered Support for Accounting Firms

Our team of IT experts have the in-depth knowledge to provide suitable accounting firm IT solutions for your company.

At MyTek, we provide value through the dissemination of comprehensive accounting firm IT support, proactive monitoring and maintenance, and other solutions that aim to help you build a more efficient business. Our expert technicians are not only trained in the industry’s best practices, they also understand the role that data security plays for the modern business. To provide Arizona businesses the technology support they expect, we leverage some of today’s best management solutions to ensure that your client’s information is protected.

As of late, accountants have been inundated with new technologies. The modern accountant not only needs a strong foundation in accounting practices, they also need to understand how to work with today’s information technology. At MyTek, our experienced technicians monitor and maintain an accountant's servers to ensure that their infrastructure and network are proactively protected and working optimally.

Cloud Platforms for Monetary Management

We facilitate cloud-based computing, security, and communication tools for accounting firms.

As the cloud continues to transform business, accountants should be aware of how to properly leverage these revolutionary new technologies. As an accountant, consider whether the benefits of using cloud computing platforms, including virtual environments, work for their purposes. The functionality accountants need is here, but it really depends on the expectations their client or clients have; and, if they are subject to outside regulations.

Some accounting firm IT support services that we provide are:

  • Email
  • Productivity software
  • Remote Desktop
  • Secure File Sharing
  • Virtualization
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Supply Chain Management
  • And more

Ensure Accuracy and Compliance with Accounting Firm IT Support From MyTek

Keeping up with industry regulations is critical for any company.

As an age-old profession, not much has changed in the accounting sphere in terms of technology. MyTek understands that regardless of the regulations requirement, your company has a liability to protect clients’ data. To guarantee protection of your accounting firm’s framework, we use access control, encryption, and additional management and security instruments.

The Sarbanes-Oxley Act is one compliance regulation that accountants do have to adhere to. Although there are no specific criteria to meet, the management teams of publicly traded companies are responsible for truthful reporting and managing internal controls. In order to help you meet SOX Act standards, MyTek provides accounting firm IT support to make appropriate changes.

Organizations depend heavily on accountants for long-term sustainability and health. MyTek’s mission is to provide accounting firm IT support so that businesses can have safe and dependable technology structures in place.

To learn more about how MyTek can be an asset to your company and about our support services, call us at 623-312-2440.

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