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How to Protect Your Small Business from Internal Threats

How to Protect Your Small Business from Internal Threats

Insiders, Whether Negligent, Accidental or Malicious Can Hurt Your Company


More companies than ever are becoming aware of the risk that insiders pose to a company’s data security.  According to recent research, 58% of all security incidents come from within organizations. Arizona companies often experience data breaches from insiders, whether negligent, accidental or malicious.  In some cases, employees have no idea that they are opening the door for today’s hackers with their actions.

Seemingly innocuous actions like giving a Wi-Fi password out, or using a USB drive from home puts your company at risk. Of course, the horror story we hope to never experience comes from a current or former employee who intentionally causes harm or releases information for personal gain or revenge. Small companies are particularly vulnerable to internal threats because they are less likely to have protective hiring processes that include complete background checks and more likely to grant elevated access to sensitive data since small-company employees often wear multiple hats. Phoenix small businesses need an awareness of the different ways that data breaches occur and a holistic approach to cybersecurity. This is best done with the advice of a knowledgeable Arizona IT service management partner like MyTek Network Solutions. A Phoenix IT support company can protect your company’s “high-value data” by following a systematic approach to address not only hackers, but employee mistakes and direct attacks. In this article, we’ll review the types of internal breaches that can occur and ways to protect your company with the support of Arizona IT service management solutions.


Professional Arizona IT support can protect your small business.



Different Types of Common Internal Breaches


There are many ways that an uneducated or careless employee can put your company data at risk. Very simple mistakes, like attaching a file to an email with sensitive company data and sending it to a new prospect can have direct consequences. Other common ways that data escapes include losing a laptop, oversharing on social media, losing a USB drive and crackable passcodes. Employee complacency can lead to virus downloads and malware through phishing. Corrupted mobile devices on the network open the door to outside attackers. These are just a few ways your data is at risk. Internal threats from inadvertent human error, lack of awareness and the introduction of viruses are common enemies of an organization. So how can you best protect your Arizona small business?


A Phoenix IT Support Company with an Integrated Approach


An effective way to protect against these internal threats to company security is with an integrated approach of technology and process. Good Arizona IT service management includes software solutions that monitor traffic on your network and secure data, providing access on a need-to-access only basis. Files can be set up only to allow access to the right, vetted employees, and even then, can be set with read-only access, if that is all that is needed. Security intelligence software can monitor authorized uses and detect any anomalous behavior. With digital monitoring, it’s possible to know who did what when. Did an employee copy a large number of files without anyone knowing? You need to know. Has a new device connected to your Wi-Fi? A well-intentioned employee may have given the password to the truck driver. Did a laptop go missing? Perhaps someone is frightened to report the loss and trying to retrieve it without notifying you, losing precious time. Arizona IT service management tools can mitigate these breaches, greatly reducing potential losses.  Arizona IT support professionals like MyTek have the expertise to create a cybersecurity plan customized to your needs for data protection.


30 Days of Outsourced Phoenix IT Services at No Cost


We genuinely care about helping your business succeed, and we put our money where our mouth is to prove it.   MyTek is so certain that we can help make your business more effective that we offer the opportunity to try our services for 30 days at NO COST.  This includes consultation, onboarding, and servicing for 30 days at no cost.   Our business is built on our clients’ satisfaction, so we also don’t require contracts going forward.  We partner with you to make your business better.  Interested?  E-mail or call us for Arizona IT support at  / 623-312-2444 to take advantage of our complimentary IT assessment and 30-day trial of outsourced IT services.


Five ways to Protect Critical Data


1.     Define the Critical Data

Together with a Phoenix IT support company like MyTek you should take the time to understand how data fits within your organization's strategic goals. Before you can protect critical data, you must define what it is. This requires obtaining agreement among the various team members and business stakeholders about what that data is, what impact it has on the organization and baseline security controls that should be put in place to protect that data.

2.     Find the Critical Data

To adequately protect the data, you have to know where it is. It may not be cost-effective to call all data “Critical” and implement security controls on everything, but you do need it for certain data. Once the organization’s data is defined in both structured and unstructured repositories, you should have a data catalog with logical groupings and a defined process to determine the “critical data.”

3.     Baseline Assessment

For Arizona IT service management to be effective against internal threats, it’s critical to for the company to do a proper assessment of security controls to locate the security gaps and recommend additional controls. When MyTek does an evaluation, we provide recommendations for both technology controls as well as processes that will enhance the overall protection of your sensitive data.

4.     Create a Cybersecurity Plan

During this phase, your Phoenix IT support company will address the gaps found in the baseline assessment and develop a plan to address risks to your critical data. At MyTek, we can quickly implement updated data security controls to meet the overall protection objectives. We will also address onboarding processes. New employees should only get access only to the data that you say is required for their job. When an employee leaves, we quickly shut down access across all applicable platforms to prevent malicious attacks. We can use remote-access to wipe out data on lost hardware, and use advanced software solutions to prevent large movements of data as well as infiltration by malware.  Comprehensive support ensures that your data is backed up and able to be restored.

5.     Continuously Monitor

Security threats from both the inside and the outside are continually changing. With your Phoenix IT support company watching your back, you can rest assured that someone has an eye on your data 24/7.  No matter what your size, you can have the benefits of security levels most often associated with larger companies. Data Is not static, it moves across your organization, and new data is created every day. With a process in place to detect data and classify that data, it’s possible to maintain the overall security of the “critical” data.


E-mail or call us at  / 623-312-2444 to take advantage of our complimentary IT assessment and 30-day trial of outsourced IT services. You will discover our Phoenix IT managed services are proactive, solution focused and driven to ensure that technology is a competitive advantage for your Arizona business.

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