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Gateway to Fun

A gateway allows communication between two separate networks.
When you connect with Mytek, you connect with a person, not just a script.
You receive an experience with a personality.

Solid State Accountability

Solid State electronics are made up reliable components that result in increased performance.
At Mytek we assume ownership of delivering your technology solutions through unwavering service and execution.

Open Source Compassion

Open Source is content that is accessible, shared, and freely available.
Regardless of who you interact with at Mytek, you will experience our compassion.
We are genuine and truly care about our clients and each other.

Engineering Integrity

Engineering is creating a complete solution to a problem.
We build trusting two-way relationships with our clients and deliver on what we say.
The entire Mytek team is dedicated to working together for our clients; every Butler is empowered to anticipate and exceed your needs.

Dynamic Service

Dynamic in computing terms is something that can change on the fly.
We understand each situation is unique, we will adapt to meet your priorities based on our relationship and not just a contract. We add value by having a deep understanding of your business and influencing your blueprint for strategic advisement, consulting, and partnership.

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Consider something for a moment: aside from their size and the resources at their disposal, what makes a small to medium-sized business so different from a large, enterprise-sized one? If you really consider it, there isn’t all that much. T...

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