What is the Cost of Developing a Mobile App?

The latest MYTEK whitepaper titled “What is the Cost of Developing a Mobile App?.”
In the digital age, mobile app development for businesses of all sizes are nearly a must have rather than an option. The challenge for many businesses in undertaking their first mobile app is in understanding the options associated with the cost of mobile app development. This whitepaper provides detailed insights into the options so that businesses can begin the discussions on the goal, scope and budget of mobile app development projects.

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MYTEK Mobile App Development Whitepaper What is the Cost of Developing a Mobile App
App Development Cost Factors
  • Choice of app platforms and environment
  • Use of native programming language
  • Use of Hybrid development technology
  • Customizations vs using standard app widgets and convention
  • Number of app screens
  • Complexity of the screens
  • In-app purchase functionality
  • Integration with the third party APIs
  • Customized and complicated animation
  • Support for multiple mobile screen resolutions
  • Inclusion of handoff features

Although this is not an exhaustive list of factors that can contribute to the costs of mobile app development, it does constitute the prime factors that all businesses will need to consider. This section is prefaced by a general overall cost range for mobile app development as well as an hourly cost range. This leads directly into an explanation of the cost components and drivers that go into the project.

Cost Components and Drivers
Regardless of whether a mobile app is simple or highly complex in terms of its functionality, mobile app development has many cost components that will make up the overall project. These include:

  • Planning, research and Discovery
  • Scope definition
  • User Experience and Visual Design
  • Features
  • Infrastructure
  • Web Portal or CMS to Manage App
  • Cloud Services
  • Testing & Deployment
The MYTEK Difference
The whitepaper provides the reader with overall descriptions of each phase of the process from planning, research, and discovery to testing and deployment. Using plain language, the MYTEK whitepaper provides a common language bridge between IT and the business stakeholders to begin baseline conversations about realistic goals and expectations for mobile app development moving forward.

This can start the process of business and IT alignment before you make that call to MYTEK to learn more and start the process in earnest with enough understanding to let you know what you may not know. With a deep and broad experience in partnering with businesses on mobile app development, MYTEK brings clear and proven methodology, tools, and analysis to create a customized process and solution for each business.

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