How Bad IT Decisions Really Affect Your Business

The latest MYTEK whitepaper titled “How Bad IT Decisions Really Affect Your Business”
Every day, small businesses make bad IT decisions that either make it harder to reach their business goals or cripple the business entirely in such a way that it represents a death knell.The latest whitepaper from MYTEK explores why these small businessesare prone to making bad IT decisions, how they affect the business, and what IT solutions for small business can be implemented by the CIO to avoid these outcomes.

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Without a complete view that provides multiple perspectives on the business, the CIO is unable to make decisions based on a more holistic view of the organization, which can result in bad IT decisions for the business. The whitepaper looks at some of these potential areas for bad IT decisions including:

  • Software implementations
  • Network architecture Integration from the standpoint of legacy and new technology

The manifestation of bad IT decisions around software that is not best-fit for their particular needs or poorly implemented is explored.In terms of the network and overall IT infrastructure, readers see how legacy hardware can cripple the business. More importantly how it is often overlooked in terms of the potential problems that it poses.

The first section of the whitepaper mirrors the challenges that most SMB CIOs face in integrating legacy and new IT architecture. The section expounds on how these projects within an overall IT strategy can be derailed due to forces that are unseen and/or out of the control of the CIO and the internal IT team. Many of the most common IT solutions for small business are explored through this lens to show how bad IT decisions surrounding their choice and implementation can manifest in failed business processes and stalled business growth including:

  • Loss of competitiveness
  • Lower IT flexibility
  • Limited responsiveness to the organization

The second half of the whitepaper looks at a leading IT solution that can be tailored to fit a wide variety of needs when an SMB is caught in a cycle of bad IT decisions. Although many SMBs have discounted the efficacy and feasibility of partnering with an IT management consulting firm as a solution to these challenges, the whitepaper shows how they are uniquely positioned to address this from a partnership position with the CIO and IT team.

As IT becomes an ever increasingly important part of every company, CIOs need to reshape the way that their IT department makes strategic decisions. By providing the support that SMB CIOs and their IT staffs need to make the changes contained within the whitepaper, CIOs will find that they can make more (and better) strategic decisions throughout the year. This will allow their IT department to do what it was originally designed to do – help the company do more and do it more quickly.

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