The Truth About Outsourcing IT

For businesses, discovering the truth about outsourcing IT starts with knowing who is outsourcing, what they are outsourcing, and the trends for the future.

The Truth About Outsourcing IT

You can’t base your business’ future on opinions about outsourcing IT. You need to know the truth, which starts with knowing what and why your peers are outsourcing IT management functions.

Network infrastructure updates, application interoperability and integration between legacy systems and best of breed solutions often requires expertise and experience you likely don’t have on staff. The outsourcing IT professionals at MYTEK can bring practical and advanced knowledge and experience on the latest technology solutions to supplement your in-house team or as project leaders.

SMBs account for over 80 percent of businesses in the U.S. where outsourcing IT is a vital component of operating effectively in a complex and technologically advanced business landscape. Increasingly, enterprises as well are seeing the benefits of outsourcing IT. This creates proven truths about outsourcing IT such as:

  • 92% of IT organizations that outsource disaster recovery see lower or the same costs as when they perform the functions in-house.
  • 65% of organizations that outsource application hosting plan to do more outsourcing.
  • 20% of midmarket firms are currently outsourcing mobile app development and another 31% are planning to outsource.
  • 50% of organizations use some form of managed services.
  • 90% of SMBs in the U.S. are using or plan to use outside services for cloud assessment and/or cloud implementation.
  • Over 40% of midmarket firms and nearly 1/3rd of small businesses are planning to outsource cloud migration services.
  • 42 percent of mid-sized companies are outsourcing for cloud implementation.
  • Midmarket firms are steadily increasing their outsourcing support for cloud, mobility, big data, and analytics projects.
  • Organizations claim that they achieve, on average, a 15 % cost reduction through IT outsourcing.

Aligning with MYTEK IT consulting gives you the power of a partner with a proven track record across all IT management sectors and with a wide variety of business verticals. Our ability to customize the best solutions that can successfully guide your company toward success has been shown time again. If you’re ready to see how outsourcing IT with MYTEK can benefit your business, contact us today and see how our managed IT services can keep your business competitive in an increasingly complex business world.

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Understanding the truth about outsourcing IT and its benefits starts with knowing what and why businesses are outsourcing and if the trend will continue.

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