Successful Strategies for Custom Software Development

Understanding Process, Cost and ROI
MYTEK Infographic: Successful Strategies for Custom Software DevelopmentCustom Software Development can be akin to building a luxury home for a very particular client. Just like the architect/client relationship, the client and application developer relationship must be one of full cooperation, complete transparency, and strong communication in order to develop a successful application.

All software development efforts use some type of methodology, be it Waterfall, Agile or the like. Every company will use a certain amount of these methodologies at different times in order to best serve each individual client.

It is only through careful discussions with the actual proposed end users as well as observation of existing manual processes that the true course of the SDLC can be plotted.

Interviews with individuals, departments and leadership reveals pain points for creation of process automations that further the SDLC process.

Requirements documentation keeps clients aligned with their stated needs, enables adjustments, and keeps the project on track. It also forms the basis for gap analysis between current state and future states of processes.

The MYTEK Agile process has distinct similarities to the architect’s design process in that it designs one function or aspect of the software at a time to ensure flexibility in pursuit of client need compatibility.

In Agile methodology software design is broken down into Sprints that contain Scrum meetings to take smaller, two-week development bites for greater efficiency, quality and speed through communication.

Every Sprint contains some combination of analysis, storyboarding, design, coding, testing, and actual implementation. The Sprint process enables the client to review and sign off on a working component that the user can see and touch in a short time period.

One of the first aspects of the sprint process is the creation of user stories. These one-sentence definitions of a feature or functionality are defined by the end users based on their different functionalities and use of the software within the enterprise.

The MYTEK Agile methodology is based on years of development and refinement of the process, tools, and skill sets utilized over many successful SDLC projects. This includes development practices such as continuous integration (CI), continuous deployment (CD), and instrumented solutions to robust testing environments.

The use of short feedback cycles, a series of smaller steps instead of one large one, and the ability to automate some potentially complex processes allows MYTEK to deliver the best product that fits client needs both today and tomorrow.

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