Custom Application Development Process with Costs vs. ROI Assessment

Understanding Process, Cost and ROI
MYTEK Infographic: Custom Application Development Process with Costs vs. ROI Assessment

As the need for custom application development surges for businesses, those that are exploring the possibilities for their first app are working to create a framework understanding of cost and ROI. The MYTEK Infographic titled, “Custom Application Development Process with Costs vs. ROI Assessment” is designed to help businesses begin building a case and direction for their first custom application development project.

The infographic builds the cost and ROI questions upon a foundation of commercial apps as well as enterprise apps. This foundation looks at the top benefits that organizations hope to gain from a custom application for business processes in the mobile age as well as the top benefits sought for a commercial application.

This sets the stage for connecting that foundation to the various stages of custom application development and the associated costs of each stage. In order to provide context, the infographic puts forth statistics on total paid app download revenues along with the cost range of the average first time app.

Additionally, readers gain an understanding of the basic concept behind each stage of development as well as the cost breakdown for each aspect of development including:

  • Planning
  • Design
  • Features
  • Infrastructure
  • App Administration
  • Testing
  • Deployment

This enables business stakeholders and department heads that are in the initial conversation stage for application development to see how projects generally work with a framework for costs of each aspect.

Within the wealth of information provided by the Infographic are two key points:

  • Function, features, adoption rates, and customer feedback are all aspects where custom application development solutions could be grouped together for comparison to begin determining ROI.
  • The cost of custom application development has no direct correlation with the ROI conventionally in terms of revenue as the value is in what the app does for the purchaser/user rather than the app itself.
Whether you’re an SME or an enterprise, custom application development can be a big project that could use the support of an IT management consultant like MYTEK. We have developed proven methodologies and have a long track record of providing software development services for countless successful projects. If you’re ready to see how use of custom software development services can lead to cost-effective apps with true ROI, visit us at or call us at 877-236-8583 today.