How Bad IT Decisions Really Affect Your Business

Small businesses by their very nature tend to be somewhat insular from the broader marketplace regardless of their industry. Although individuals that make up the organization from the stakeholders to the staff understand that IT solutions for small business are critical to their growth and success, they often lack the collective approach to making the right decisions at the right time. The latest whitepaper from MYTEK explores why these small businesses are prone to making bad IT decisions surrounding IT solutions for small business.

Despite the fact that CIOs are positioned to focus on long-term strategy, they can have a limited view of the current state of the organization where business processes meet IT infrastructure. The reason that CIOs can make bad IT decisions under these circumstances is that they are forced to give way too much weight to the first information they receive on topics where they must make a decision.

Without a complete view that provides multiple perspectives on the business, the CIO is unable to make decisions based on a more holistic view of the organization, which can result in bad IT decisions for the business. The whitepaper looks at some of these potential areas for bad decisions including:

  • Software implementations
  • Network architecture Integration from the standpoint of legacy and new technology

The manifestation of bad IT decisions around software that is not best-fit for their particular needs or poorly implemented is explored. In terms of the network and overall IT infrastructure, readers see how legacy hardware can cripple the business, and more importantly, how it is often overlooked in terms of the potential problems that it poses.

From there, readers see how the challenges of integrating legacy and new IT architecture can be derailed due to forces that are unseen and/or out of the control of the CIO and the internal IT team. Many of the most common IT solutions for small business are explored through this lens to expound on how bad IT decisions surrounding their choice and implementation can manifest in failed business processes and stalled business growth including:

  • Loss of competitiveness
  • Lower IT flexibility
  • Limited responsiveness to the organization

At this stage, the whitepaper reemphasizes its role in the recurring theme of support for SMB CIOs by providing a reasoned solution. This solution is viewed through the lens of its ability to be tailored to the needs of the many different businesses and CIOs that will see their own reflection in the challenges and structures of the whitepaper. That solution centers on the support from an experienced IT management consulting firm.

The goal here is to emphasize the fact that this is not a blanket or one-size-fits-all approach to a remedy for bad IT decisions. The reader sees how the customization of IT assessments and process mapping can be accomplished with the support of the consultancy via a true partnership with the CIO, the IT staff and the business.

From this vantage point, the all-important cloud services solutions are explored as a natural projection of the initial assessment and process mapping. The goal being to support the CIO in making informed decisions about a cloud strategy that fits with his vision for future state business processes.

Simultaneously, the whitepaper explores the nature of the support/partnership relationship between the CIO and the IT management consulting firm in shaping the short and long-term IT strategy that the CIO has laid out. This relationship can encompass everything from providing sound analysis for swaying stakeholder budgetary decisions and the IT solutions for small business to the needed technical specialization, vendor relationships and workforce training and change management support.

As IT becomes an ever increasingly important part of every company, CIOs need to reshape the way that their IT department makes strategic decisions. By providing the support that SMB CIOs and their IT staffs need to make the changes contained within the whitepaper, CIOs will find that they can make more (and better) strategic decisions throughout the year. This will allow their IT department to do what it was originally designed to do – help the company do more and do it more quickly.

Download the Whitepaper “How Bad IT Decisions Really Affect Your Business” to learn more about how MYTEK can provide IT management consulting support to SMBs and CIOs that enable good IT decisions that further the business, visit our website at, and call to speak to one of our consultants at 623-312-2440.

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