3 Important Reasons for Annual IT Assessments in Phoenix

For most organizations, the view of IT assessments in Phoenix is they are best employed when the root of IT infrastructure challenges cannot be pinpointed. There are actually a number of reasons why annual IT assessments are a good idea for any organization, and here are three.

Reduce Risk and Enhance Security

IT assessments are integral to developing a sound security plan as this is the best way to identify any vulnerabilities, gaps and potential for problems. Servers running outdated OS or outdated anti-virus updates are common when organizations don’t utilize cloud-based SaaS applications that have automatic updates.

Potential Data Loss

After completing a full review of the system, the assessment will identify areas of concern and will also offer suggestions on how to fix the issues. An IT infrastructure assessment can reduce risk of data loss either by a system outage or a data breach while increasing security measures across the entire system.

Ensure Regulatory Compliance

Organizations that must adhere to strict and constantly updated compliance and regulatory measures must be extra vigilant about always meeting those requirements. Annual IT assessments in Phoenix provide an additional overview of the IT infrastructure in terms of potential holes where sensitive data could be put in a vulnerable position.

Since through IT assessments look at business processes as well as the technology behind them, the overall process mapping can reveal areas where the system has safeguards for data safety, but the solution is inefficient or problematic on some way that leads to potential workarounds. This can be noted and a plan can be developed for modifying the technology solution and/or retraining the staff to ensure that the process is workable.

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